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With 4 Heads, How Much Time Do You Spend On Hair?

About an hour (or less) a day.

how much time do you spend on hair,

Me, the baby and our eldest daughter have a similar hair texture that requires water every day. So I do me and the 8 year old’s hair in the shower and our youngest gets her hair done in the bath.

What About Your 5 Year Old?

Her hair texture holds moisture longer, so I am able to wash her hair once a week, style it and it stays soft until we are ready to do it again.

With a house full of girls, I was definitely nervous about hair care. But once I figured out how to actually care for each head, the process became way more enjoyable.

How much time is your family spending on hair? Do you wish you had more or less time washing and styling?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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