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What Are Butterfly Clips (+ Where To Find Them)?

girl with braids wearing colorful butterfly clips

Butterfly clips are adorable hair accessories that are super easy to install. Simply squeeze the butterfly wings to open the clip. Find a small section of hair for the clip to hold on to, and let go. There are fine teeth underneath the wings, that keep the tiny clips in place. 

How To Use Butterfly Clips?

You can use butterfly clips as a colorful way to keep hair off the face. You can also use them to decorate different styles like buns, braids, or a curly fro.

Do Butterfly Clips Hurt?

They shouldn’t. Butterfly clips do not need to sit close to the scalp. This makes them way more comfortable than headbands with teeth or even bobbie pins.

Are Butterfly Clips Heavy?

No! Butterfly clips are typically made from a thin plastic. This makes them lighter than other accessories like bobbles, beads, or even barrettes.

How To Stop Butterfly Clips From Falling Out?

Butterfly clips can fall out the hair if they do not have a good grip. If you are putting the clip on a braid, make sure the teeth sink into the braid not just around the braid. If the hair is out, you can slightly twist a section of hair so that the clip has some texture to grip.

Are Butterfly Hair Clips Bad For Your Hair?

Nope! Butterfly hair clips are one of the gentler hair accessories. They’re lightweight and come on and off with a pinch. The only time butterfly clips create problems is if they get tangled in the hair or are pulled out. You’ll want to take butterfly clips out the same way you put them in — by pinching them. When the hinge opens it releases the hold so that you’re not pulling hair as you take them out. 

You can also prevent butterfly clips from getting tangled by making sure to not overstuff them. Butterfly clips are intentionally small and often only have a 1” (or less) opening. This means they are designed to hold onto small sections of hair. If stray hairs get caught in the teeth or hinges, just take your time in separating the hairs from the clip.

Where Can You Find Butterfly Hair Clips?

You may be able to find butterfly clips at your local dollar store or beauty supply store. If you're not finding what you're looking for, you can also try Amazon. They have a large selection of colors and styles. We list some below.

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