6 Ways We Honor Our Crowns

We are naturally born with gorgeous crowns and here is how we honor them.



1. Selective Hands


I do not let just anyone touch our crowns. I can count on one hand how many hair stylists I’ve personally been to over the 30 plus years I’ve been on this earth. 


Similarly, a person must have gentle hands, compliment their curls and overall exude positive energy in order to lay hands on our daughters’ crowns.


2. Finger Detangling


Speaking of hands, finger detangling is a great way we personally get to know our curls. We find out which section mattes quicker or what routine is working to minimize tangles. 


3. Study It


I am constantly studying our hair and its reaction to how we take care of it. There are times when our regular wash routine leaves our hair limp. I then know it’s time for a deep cleanse, deep conditioner, a protective style or a super focused emphasis on whole body hydration.


4. Admire It


We love feeling the softness of our hair, admiring its movement and fullness, as well as giving it the freedom to do its thing.


5. Wear It The Way It Is


We love showing off our unique kinks, curls, waves, and coils. Not for anyone else, but for our own hair health. It grows out of our heads that way for a reason and we love to honor that.


6. The Best Products 


We swear by our gentle soap, conditioners, and oil to maintain our curls. While we have tried many products, I know we are honoring what our hair needs, simply because these give us the best results.



What about you? How do you honor your crown?


Until next time.


Love Thyself,



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