4 Ways We Retain Our Hair's Moisture

It took me a while to realize that wet hair is not moisturized hair. 


Yes, we need water to properly moisturize our strands, but if the curls are not properly treated when wet, once the water evaporates they will become even more dry and brittle.


The following methods are helping us to retain our hair’s moisture.


1. Fully Detangle


I used to only finger comb (detangle with our fingers) and found our hair to still be very dry. Detangling with combs and brushes helps to separate the strands into even smaller sections so that the water, oil and product can work its magic on each section of the hair. For our textures, I’ve discovered completely detangling our entire heads keeps our hair more moisturized. 


2. Know Your Hair


Moisturized hair feels differently on our each of our heads. While I love a nice shine, I’ve noticed our hair can appear dull, but be soft and beautifully moisturized. Getting to know our hair intimately has helped me learn what does and does not work for retaining moisture.


3. Oil Hair


I have noticed a massive difference in our hair when using oil. Our favorite is olive oil from our kitchen, which we pour into a separate applicator bottle. We oil our scalps and comb the hair so that oil reaches down to the tips. It coats the hair making the loss of moisture process slower.


4. Protective Styles


My favorite right now is bantu knots. It doesn’t cause a lot of stress. Is quick for fidgety girls and most importantly retains moisture keeping our tresses soft.


5. Sleep Protection


We are still struggling with this one. We have yet to find a cap that the girls think is comfortable and want to sleep in. I’ve also tried scarves, satin pillowcases, bonnets and wraps. 


It has taken some time to get to know three heads of hair. I’ve made mistakes and am still learning what does and does not work.


How do you retain moisture in your hair?


Until next time…


Peace & Love



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