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Curly vs Straight Hair Routine (Step-By-Step)

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The main difference between our curly and straight hair routine is how we use conditioner. For straight hair, we need the strands to be as light as possible. This means we wash out our conditioner after shampooing. For our curly hair routines, we leave most of the conditioner in our hair and apply a little more during the styling process.

Curly Hair

Straight Hair

  • Wash + condition (every 1-5 days)

  • Wash + condition (every 7-14 days)

  • Moisturized cleanse

  • Stripped cleanse

  • Leave conditioner in

  • Rinse conditioner out

  • Style

  • Air-dry

  • Air-dry

  • Style

Another important difference is when the styling is done. For our curly routines, the hair is styled wet, but for our straight hair -- we style it after it has dried.

Which Routine Requires More Product?

Curly hair requires way more conditioner. For straight hair, our main product is a small amount of shampoo.

Which Routine Takes Longer?

Our straight hair takes longer. We naturally have tight curls. Straightening our hair is a multi-day process. Meaning -- we wait a couple of hours before straightening our hair after washing it. This is our way of making sure we do not damage our curls with too much heat.

How Is Your Curly Hair Routine The Same As Your Straight Hair Routine?

We air-dry for both. Blow drying or diffusing is an extra step we rarely do (I’m talking once every 2 years). Instead we opt for allowing our hair to naturally air dry. For straight styles, I’ll wash the hair and allow it to air-dry overnight in a braid. The next day our hair is soft, stretched, and ready to be straightened.

Do You Use Different Products For Your Curly Hair vs. Your Straight Hair?

Yes! For our curls, we use any shampoo, but have to use this conditioner. And when we straighten our hair, we use this shampoo and conditioner.

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