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How To Prepare For Your Baby’s Hair?

baby brushes and comb on a bed of flowers

Preparing for your baby's hair can be super exciting!! In fact, there are over 100,000 searches a day about baby hair care tips on Google (this number does not include YouTube, other search engines, or social media.

Over our blogging years, we've learned that parents want to...

  • start planning for baby's texture

  • want product recommendations

  • want style suggestions

  • need help dealing with social pressures from partners, family, or others who expect baby's hair to look a certain way

Because baby's hair care requires so much time, skill, and attention, some moms may choose to outsource this job to a hair professional, family, or friend. This can be especially true for moms who have completely different hair textures and do not know where to start. Or it could be true for moms who outsource their own hair care. Other moms may choose to take this time to learn to do their baby's hair themselves.

In our home, I shared the same hair texture as our daughter, but because I always straightened my hair, I did not know how to care for hers as it grew out of her scalp. This led to me keeping her hair (and mine) super short for the first few years of her life, so that I could learn both of our textures together.

I eventually figured out that developing a hair routine that we both absolutely loved was most important. But that process took time.

If you're wondering how long?

It was at least five years. During that time we discovered allergies to certain hair products, and I unfortunately weighed down our baby's curls by using super heavy creams.

When our second daughter came, I thought I had enough hands-on hair knowledge to have a successful routine with her. But she had a completely different texture as well as different hair needs. For example, her scalp was way more sensitive and couldn’t handle certain styles. She also wasn't a fan of having water poured over her head.

There’s so much more I could share, but to get straight to the point I’m not quite sure you can fully prepare for a child’s hair. There are so many nuances such as if your child will even allow you to try all of the styles you've imagined.

Truly personalized hair care requires a lifelong learning approach. Meaning -- the hair care needs of your child(ren) will change as their hair grows. I think it's super important to honor this process, because it strengthens your patience, and clarifies your hair goals. Whatever path you choose, my hope is that you enjoy every step of the way.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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