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Baby Hair Growth Stages (Explained)

baby hair growth stages (for afro-textured hair)

Every child’s hair grows differently. Below we describe our understanding of different growth stages and what happens during each stage.

Stage 0

ai generated image of brown-skinned newborn sleeping and wrapped in blanket

Stage 0 is baby’s baseline. It begins the day they are born and is the starting point that is unique and special to them. Some baby’s will have very little hair in stage 0, while other’s may have a head full of hair.

There’s also a ton of movement in this stage. Your little may lose some hair, grow it back, and even have a few hairs stand up. Stage 0 is the foundational year, so you’ll want to be super gentle, using gentle cleansers, and small amounts of nutritious oils.

Stage 1

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Stage 1 is all about the halo and it begins the moment your baby turns one. This halo is formed from the hair lengthening and expanding. Adorable curls will also be winding sunwise and countersunwise by this stage. Nutritious oils are still a great option, but you may choose to incorporate tiny amounts of plant-based creams into their regimen. You'll want to continue using a gentle cleanser, to ensure your little one's curls stay light and bouncy.

Stage 2 

ai generated image of an adorable brown-skinned child with a curly tapered fro

By the time your baby reaches stage 2, their hair may be thick and densely covering their head. As the hair continues to grow, you may go through a ton of trial-and-error figuring out the best styles, products, and routines that are best for you and your little one.

How Do You Measure Hair Growth?

We measure hair growth in relation to the sun. It's also known as radial growth. As our children grow, their hair gets closer and closer to Earth's biggest star and main source of life. We portray this in radiating arches. If your little one has big curls, the spaces between each arch will be bigger. Tighter curls will have smaller arches. No matter the arch size -- all are signs of healthy growth.

What's The Difference Between Radial And Linear Growth?

Radial growth measures their crown in its natural state as it grows up. Linear growth measures their crown in relation to the earth as it hangs down. It requires elongating the curl to measure its length. You can totally use a small tape measure or choose to measure the hair against certain body parts (such as ear-length and shoulder length).

Radial vs Linear Growth on toddler with curly hair

How Fast Does Baby Hair Grow?

About an inch a month -- but we're unsure how accurate this number is. When we measured our daughter's hair, the hair was so fine and it also clumps together, so it was difficult to know where one strand started and ended. Despite not being confident about the exact number, research does mention that babies' hair grows faster than adults.

In my 30s, I was growing about ¼ of an inch a month. Our pre-teen grows about ½ an inch a month, so it makes sense that the baby can grow close to 1" a month.

How To Make Baby’s Hair Grow Faster?

Similar to any natural process, you don’t want to rush the growth. You’ll want to let your baby’s hair take its time so that it can reach its full potential. There are some things you can do to prevent hair growth from slowing down. Avoid using heavy products on their scalp and harsh materials that can create tangles. Try to avoid tight styles, restrictive accessories, and rough handling or manipulation. In short, less is often best.

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