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Why Mastering The Afro is Important (For Kids)?

AI generated image of a child wearing an afro, in front of a crayon drawing

The fro is the first style a child can proudly do on their own. Braiding, twisting, or even using a hair tie requires fine motor skills that can take years to master. The main reasons we think afros are important for children to master are…

  • They help children to get to know their own texture

  • They reveal the child’s natural beauty (no one else has a fro like them)

  • They’re super freeing (especially for children with sensitive scalps)

Are Afros Kid-Friendly?

Yes! Many kids prefer wearing their hair out versus lengthy hair routines. The maintenance, beauty standards, and social pressures of today can make it difficult for parents to honor their children’s requests.

What’s the Hardest Part About Maintaining an Afro?

Detangling! Lint, sand, and other small goodies love to get caught in children’s hair. It can be even more challenging if your little one loves using their hair (instead of their napkin) to wipe their hands. This means, they may rub food, and their dirty hands against their pillow soft curls - making their hair the ultimate collector of tiny particles that probably shouldn’t be there.

The Solution...

Many families will choose to keep the hair short. Short could mean right above the ears, just barely touching the shoulders, or any other length you decide. This makes maintenance easier and hair time happier in many homes. Don’t worry, as children age their hair can totally reach a healthy tail-bone length fairly quickly, because the child (and parent) have a solid foundation of knowing how to care of their unique head of hair. 

Is your little one obsessed with wearing their hair out? What solution have you found for your family?

Until next time…

Love The Journey,

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