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Hair Care Tips (For Melanated Babies)

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Melanated babies are born with all different hair types! And they often experience a variety of textures within their first few months of life! Whether your little one is in their straight, wavy, curly, or no hair stage -- we hope the following tips will help.

  • Be mindful of their soft spots

  • Keep styling simple (wash n gos are ideal)

  • Clean (almost naked curls) are often the softest

  • Use fine tooth combs for detangling and baby brushes for head massages

What Hair Care Needs Are Specific To Melanated Babies?

Melanated skin can be sensitive to harsh chemicals and foreign ingredients. While there are hypoallergenic products on the market, parents are often looking for products that leave textured hair nourished without irritating or drying baby's skin. This ideal product looks different for different families. For example, some prefer low-lather washes while others prefer tons of suds. Some parents may also like thick creamy products while others like their products runny and watered-down.

Are There Shampoos Geared Towards Melanated Babies?

Yes. A few brands have created cleansers specifically for melanated babies. These products are purposely plant-derived and meant to be hydrating. They include...

Please know that there are other brands that may not specifically market to this population, but are just as effective. Our family loves this brand, and this is another well-loved wash in the curly-hair community.

How Often Can You Wash Baby's Hair?

Feel free to read the instructions on your preferred product. Most products say they are safe for daily use. Whichever product you choose we think it's best to avoid applying product directly to baby's hair (especially during their first months). Instead apply the cleanser to a wash cloth or bath water. This way the product is evenly distributed and you do not accidentally use too much.

When Can You Incorporate Conditioner?

We think it's best to wait until baby has enough hair to cover their scalps. That could mean six months for one baby and twelve months for another. This is because conditioner is meant for the hair (and not the scalp).

What Are The Best Oils For Melanated Babies?

Pure oils are generally safe for newborns. They support natural hair growth, nourish the scalp, soften the hair, as well as many other added benefits. Since oils are so nutrient dense, you only need a little. One bottle (even if it is small) should last a long time. Below are a few of our faves...

In conclusion, melanated babies can experience a wide range of hair types in a short amount of time. From the moment they enter this world, their hair is growing and evolving just like they are. So whether your baby's rocking waves, spirals, coils, or a cute baldy, we wish you luck in finding the perfect product for your baby's developing crown.

Until next time…

Love The Journey,

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