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How I Style Our Newborn's Hair?

I keep it simple. I comb her hair in the direction it grows and make sure it’s oiled. I started doing her hair following her first bath. And it became a part of our daily routine.

Sleeping newborn wrapped in pink blanket laying on grass

What About Accessories?

I view her hair as its own natural accessory. Meaning - I rely on her natural side part, the spiral at the crown of her head, and her unique texture.

I adore minimalistic styles and how they reveal our daughter’s natural beauty. So we do not use bows, bands, wraps, hats, or barrettes on our little one’s head. I just leave her hair out and free. There is no parting, banding, pony tailing, braiding or any other kind of manipulation until she is closer to one. This means, she is not easily identified as a girl - but I do not mind.

Do You Use Any Styling Products?

Yes. We alternate between coconut and olive oil. Both are edible plant oils that are safe for babies skin and hair, so they really work as an all-in-one. Coconut oil is lighter and colorless, which makes it great for warmer weather, while olive oil is thicker and perfect for colder days. There are many brands on the market, but this is our current fave.

To apply, I pour a tiny amount in my hands. Then rub my hands together to warm the oil with my body heat. Then I spread my oiled hands over her head.

There are products geared towards babies like this oil from Shea Moisture. As a family we love the Shea Moisture brand, because they don't use mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, or animal testing. But they are heavily scented, so we didn't start using any traditional products until our baby was closer to 12 months.

To cleanse the hair, I used a teeny bit of soap on a baby wash cloth. I like using the wash cloth, because you have better control over the suds, so that they do not get into baby's eyes accidentally.

What About Styling Tools?

My hands and a fine tooth comb. Fine teeth are excellent for separating baby's tiny hairs. If you search for newborn combs, they usually have wood and plastic options in baby grooming sets. Wooden combs allegedly help to evenly distribute oil through your little one's hair. But they are often too bulky (in my personal experience). Meaning the wood is too thick and isn't able to grasp fine baby hair.

What's The Best Baby Brush?

Baby brushes are great because they have the softest bristles. They are often softer than the softest adult brush. And the bristles are typically made of a soft plastic or natural goat hair. Because the bristles are so soft, they aren't strong enough to detangle baby hair (in my experience), instead they provide the most relaxing scalp massage. Our reader's love this 4-piece set -- it comes with 3 brushes (including a cradle cap brush) and a comb.

What If Your Baby Has A Lot Of Hair?

Her older sister was born with a lot more hair, but I still followed the same routine. We used oil as our main product and a little bit of soap to wash the hair. We loved her little curly fro, so we didn't pull it into braids or ponytails until she was months older. Congratulations on your little one and good luck with their hair journey!!

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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