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6 Famous Cartoon Babies (+ How They Wear Their Hair)

1. Fred, Rick, and Derwin (Boss Baby)

The triplets (pictured above) fashionably keep their heads covered. The only visible hairs are peek-a-boo curls coming out from the top and sides of their hoods.

In Real Life (IRL):

Hoods are the perfect accessories for babies. Not only are they great for keeping baby's head warm, but they can also disguise the not-so-proud hair moments.

2. Jassy (Cry Babies)

Jassy from Cry Babies wearing her unicorn romper

Photo: Kitoons in English on YouTube

The Cry Babies are another group of hood lovers. Jassy is dressed as a unicorn. Other babies are wearing apple tops, strawberry crowns, and even lady bug antennae. The attached 3D ornaments make their wardrobes look like costumes.


It's super normal, for toddlers to want to wear their favorite costume every day...all day...for an entire year or more. You'll be glad they've adopted this choice, because it makes morning routines go by so much quicker because children are happy to wear their favorite outfit.

Another recognizable feature of Cry Babies is glittery colored hair. While hair glitter, and temporary colors are sold for kids, they can take some time to wash out.

4. Lily (Cocomelon)

Lily, Cody's sister from Cocomelon

Photo: Cocomelon on YouTube

Lily wears a stretchy headband to style her baby fro. It's yellow (just like her outfit) and wraps around her entire head adding a cute pop of color against her dark curls.


Headbands can be super short-lived. We're talking a few months or less, as babies' heads can grow a whopping 2 inches in 2 years. You'll want to keep an eye on the headband, to make sure it doesn't leave any indents. Any signs of lines means baby has outgrown the decorative piece.

4. Alana McStuffins (Doc McStuffins)

Alana McStuffins (Doc McStuffins adopted baby sister) wearing a purple bow)

Photo: Disney Junior on YouTube

Alana wears an off-centered purple bow. This type of accessory can grow with your little one since they're attached to the hair (and not wrapped around their head).


Bows can be pinned in, hinged in, or glued in. We're not the biggest fans of hair glue, but some parents find it the only option for their hairless child. Others find other accessories to be too painful.

6. Moana (Moana)

Baby Moana wearing a pink tropical flower in her hair

Photo: Disney

Baby Moana wears a pink plumeria over her left ear. It's a fragrant flower with five overlapping petals, that grows in warm climates.


The great thing about this accessory, is even if you live in colder more urban spaces (like us), you may still have a blooming season. Little ones love discovering things in nature. So the next time your little one picks a flower, you can gently place it in their hair, so they can wear it for the day. After a few hours the petals will wilt, shrivel, and dry, but flower picking can become a daily tradition they look forward to.

That's it for our roundup!! In conclusion cartoon babies have the most adorable doos. We hope we shed light on how their choices hold up in the real world. Are you into accessorizing your little one's hair?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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