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Frog Pond Spray Pool Opening 2023


Frog Pond Opens


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Tuesday, Jun 27

11:00am - 1:00pm

Frog Pond


The Frog Pond Spray Pool reopens at the end of June!!

This annual summer kick-off event is filled with water and fun. If you’re a first timer, the Frog Pond is located in downtown Boston. It’s a wading pool with water that isn't too deep — sitting around the ankles of an adult and below the knees of a toddler. The Frog Pond also has a fountain feature in the middle that shoots water. Kids love running through it and having water spray in their faces. Overall, it’s a kid-friendly place for non-swimmers and splashers to get their feet wet.

If your little one is still in diapers, consider buying swim diapers. A regular diaper will quickly fill with pool water and start to separate. A swim diaper doesn’t absorb any liquid. Instead, swim diapers are used to contain solids (aka poop) so that they do not enter the pool. We bought ours from a local store, but Amazon also sells disposable and reuseable swim diapers online.

Disposable swim diapers are meant for one-time use. Good brands will have gussets that stretch around your child's thighs. This is great because it provides a comfortable custom-fit, but this also means they need to be thrown away because they will be stretched after one use. Also know they can't be used as diaper replacements because they do not hold urine. If you plan to spend the summer in the water, a reuseable swim diaper is a more cost-effective and eco-friendly option (in my opinion). A good swim diaper can last the 1-2 years your little one will need, plus serve as a hand-me-down for younger siblings. Reuseable swim diapers are super adorable and often made from a breathable fabric making them machine washable. Dressing a wet or recently wet baby can be a little tough. Whichever swim diaper you choose, look for one that is easy to put on and take off.

At the Frog Pond there are restrooms onsite, but they can get crowded. We like to wear our bathing suits to the event, and pack (or wear) a hooded towel. That way, we can travel light. There are plenty of food options close by, but you can always pack your child's favorite snacks, water, and a blanket. You'll see a few benches and tables placed around the pool, but they fill up quickly. Fortunately, there's plenty of grass to lay a blanket on. Tons of trees also provide natural shading on extremely hot days.

The Tadpole playground is a gated area filled with frog statues next to the Frog Pond. There are slides, climbing structures, mini sprinklers, and more outdoor fun. It's the perfect way to naturally dry off (if you avoid the sprinklers) before the journey back home.

After the event, the Frog Pond spray pool continues to be FREE and is open daily from 11:00am to 6:00pm until Labor Day (September 4th).

Parking at the Boston Common Parking Garage can range from $10 to $32. Use GoogleMaps to determine if ride sharing or public transportation are better options. If you prefer driving, Spot Hero (a free app) can help you find the least expensive parking.



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