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October in Boston (With Kids)

The tenth month is here, which means we’ve almost survived another year. So pat yourself on the back, you awesome mom you!!

According to Mass Audubon, you’ll want to look out for the owl migration. Massachusetts has eight owl species (that we know of). They include the snowy owl, the barn owl, and the great horned owl. You can find out more about each species and listen to their calls here. Animal lovers can also enjoy an animal themed-story time at the MSPCA and Homeschool Tuesdays at the Aquarium.

October is also home to Massachusetts STEM week, so we compiled books celebrating girls and boys in science. We also think Boston's Innovation Trail is worth reviewing online. It starts with the place Lewis Latimer worked. He was the patent pioneer who helped Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell with their inventions. The month ends with the city's Fall-o-ween Festival. It often features a maze and other fall-themed activities.

Finally, if you’re not into walking dark streets with costumed children — we created a list of non-spooky games for you to play with your little ones and a matching Halloween-themed booklist (that's not too scary).

Until next time...

Love the Journey,

Why is mom obsessed with fall? Because it's gourd-geous!!

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