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$1 Sunday Afternoons 2024

$0 - $1 (per person)


1:00pm - 4:00pm

Boston Children's Museum


$1 admission is back at the Boston Children's Museum!! $1 admission used to be sponsored by Target and happened on Friday evenings. Sometime during the pandemic, TJX became the new sponsor, and the $1 admission has switched to Sunday afternoons. This means that admission for every visitor is only one dollar per person. Children under 12 months are always free.

Due to $1 admission being on the weekend, the museum can get quite busy at this time. To avoid congested areas we like to start at the third floor and make our way down. In other words, since the museum entrance is on the ground floor, families typically start exploring on that floor and make their way up (the museum has 3 levels of fun). Going the opposite direction may allow you and your little one(s) more uninterrupted play time. You can test out the museum layout with the virtual tour below.

Metered parking is free on Sundays. The museum is also walking distance from public transportation.

If you're interested in free museums in (and around) Boston, we made a list for you here.

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