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6 Eating Habits I Admire In Our Breastfed Child

I truly admire how picky our 4 year old is. Here are six eating habits I need to adopt from her.

1. Mostly Liquid Diet

Of course, as a newborn breastmilk is all babies need. It's nature’s food designed perfectly for their gentle stomachs and developing digestive systems.

Even at 4 and with a full set of teeth she still prefers warm milk, milkshakes, water, hot cocoa, herbal teas, basically anything in liquid form.

2. Picky Eater

When she does eat solids they better be good. My baby doesn’t just put anything in her body. If it doesn’t look good, smell good, feel right she won’t eat it. Since we are what we eat, I think it’s pretty wise to be mindful of what we let into our bodies.

6 Eating Habits I Need To Adopt From Our Breastfed Child

3. Holistic Experience

Eating on the go definitely isn’t something she is into. Nor is she into eating from just anyone. She prefers a home cooked meal surrounded by her loved ones at a table or on my lap.

4. She Sticks With What She Knows

No experimenting with this one.

5. She Loves Sweets

She definitely scares me with this one because she loves sweets. I hear chocolate and ice cream are the closest to breastmilk and she loves both.

6. She’s A Slow Eater That Enjoys Her Food

If you see me eat, you’d probably think I haven’t eaten in months. I kind of cower over my plate and shove food down my throat as quickly as possible, especially if the food is good. Our four year old is a very slow eater. You can tell she enjoys every bite.

Are you fascinated with how your toddler eats? How does your toddler eat different from you? What eating behaviors would you adopt?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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