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5 Ways Breastfeeding Affected My Diet

Prior to pregnancy I was a devoted pescatarian, meaning my diet mainly consisted of fruits, vegetables, and fish. I actually found out I was pregnant, because I ate a certain fish and it made me nauseous.

I assume as my body got ready to make milk - it needed certain nutrients for the developing baby.

Because I have been breastfeeding for six years straight - I have noticed that my diet now consists of foods that our children love. Of course, both pregnancies were different, and our nursing children had different nutritional needs which led to different cravings.

Here are some of the ways breastfeeding affected my diet.

Craving Chicken

Our first pregnancy I craved chicken. I began eating chicken daily and continued to eat chicken throughout my breastfeeding journey. It got so bad, our local pizza shop knew my order as soon as they saw me.

Prior to this moment, I could not walk down grocery aisles with packaged chicken - that is how disgusted I was with the meat. Also my husband had never seen me eat meat — so he was excited to cook for me.

Craving Juicy Fruits

I also craved very juicy fruits like watermelon. There was a point where I could eat two whole watermelons by myself in a week.

Craving More Meats

Our second pregnancy I began to crave red meats.

My mouth would water at the thought of steaks, burgers, bacon and pepperoni. Turns out, out youngest loves red meat.

Craving More Sweets

I also developed an even sweeter tooth. During our first pregnancy I was a heavy water drinker who craved fruit, but now I wanted fruit juices. I also enjoyed sweet protein shakes, ice cream and chocolate (foods that weren't a part of my previous diet).

Craved Fats

Pizza was my new go-to meal. I craved the excess oil and fatty cheese.

Think I was just eating to be eating? That's fine! I strongly believe some of the nutrients I was yearning for were in these greasy, fatty, super sweet foods. I'm still learning which healthier options can answer my body's needs.

While these cravings started in pregnancy, they continued through my breastfeeding journey. Since I’m still nursing - I am honestly excited for when I can eat for myself. If you're interested, I also write about color cravings in this post.

Do you have intense cravings while nursing?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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