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12 Fruits Our Homeschoolers Pack For Snack

As weird as this may sound, I had no idea what to feed a baby. When I became a mother, the foods I ate required teeth and chewing. It wasn't until we attended a local play group and I saw the healthy snacks parents brought, that I learned about fruits being the perfect finger food. They are a thirst quenching snack, fun to eat and easy to pack. Below are some of our faves:

1. Clementines

These cute mini oranges are super easy to peel. The bite size slices fit perfectly into their mouths, minimizing juice squirting everywhere.

2. Kiwi

Our 5 year old loves these neon green sour fruit. We usually have it with breakfast or as a mid-day snack at home, since it requires removing the skin and slicing.

3. Mango

The bright yellow flesh is so sweet. The skin is edible too.

4. Bananas

Just peel and eat. Bananas are also starchy which makes the belly more full.

Boston Homeschooler eating a banana as a snack

5. Blueberries

Our girls love all the berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc). My favorite are blueberries, because they are not as messy. They also tend to last longer in the fridge, while the other berries have to be eaten the same day or they will mold.

6. Grapes

These cute little balls are perfect to play with then eat.

7. Apples

There are so many apples to choose from, and they are local to our area.

8. Pears

I prefer Bosc pears (the brown ones).

9. Pineapples

This is the only fruit on the list we do not eat fresh. Canned pineapples (in my opinion) are sweeter.

10. Watermelon

We can easily eat a whole watermelon in a day. Just looking at the pink fruit makes me happy and the juice quenches my thirst in ways water and other fruit juices don’t.

11. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are good all year round. We prefer buying at a farmer’s market because the pesticides absorb into the skin, giving the fruit an awful taste even after being peeled.

12. Raisins

Dried fruits are extra sweet and raisins are one of our faves. Picking up these tiny bites are great for practicing fine motor skills.

What are your favorite snacks to pack? We love hearing new ideas for delicious healthy snacks. Let us know below.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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