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7 Discoveries I Made After Tasting My Breastmilk

My mother taught me, you should never give your child something you haven’t tried.”

We all know breast milk is baby’s first food, and here are seven things I discovered after trying it.

1. It Sprays

I’m not sure why I thought milk comes out of one hole -- maybe how baby bottles work was imprinted in my mind, but human milk actually sprays depending on how strong the suckle/pull is.

It can definitely drip from one hole, but it can also spray from 7 [or more].

2. It Takes Work

Breastfeeding actually takes work.

Sometimes, the breast has to be kneaded, massaged and the nipple suckled for a few seconds before milk actually comes out.

Despite this, our daughters still prefer milk from the breast over milk poured in a cup, bottle, sippy cup, straw, whatever.

3. Amazingly Sweet

Breast milk allegedly takes the flavor of the foods we consume. Whatever we eat that’s what baby tastes. To me, the breastmilk tasted sweet every time.

4. It Doesn’t Make Me Think Of Milk

The first thing I think of when it comes to milk is cow milk.

The only thing about human milk that resembles cow milk is the color.

It's not even bright white. It's more of a yellowish white.

When I think of cow milk, I think of a cold beverage that you drink. Sometimes it's in cereal or you just drink from a glass.

This kind of shows where we are as a society, if the first milk we think of is from an animal instead of a human.

5. Even When Breasts Appear Empty, There Is Still Milk In There

Every time I think I am empty, our girls are able to get some out.

6. Comfort Food

I find breastmilk to be the perfect temperature, filling, satisfying - a real comfort food.

There was a period where I was addicted to warm almond milk and needed to have it to wake up and before bed.

When I tasted my milk, I first expressed it then sipped from a cup. I can only imagine how it must feel to snuggle up in your mom’s warm squishy arms, and drink the milk straight from the source.

7. I Can't Fully Experience What Our Daughters Experience

While I did taste my own milk, I wasn't able to experience what our daughters experience.

They aren't just drinking a sweet, perfect temperature, nutrient-packed liquid. They are being lovingly held by their mom.

I can only imagine what it feels like to get so many needs met at one time.

While I was breastfed as a child, it was only for a few months and I honestly do not remember it.

So yes, I tasted my milk, but that can't equate to breastfeeding from the wombman who birthed me.

Have you tasted your breast milk? What did you think? Is there a drink you can compare it to? Did it change your perspective on breastfeeding? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

What Does Breastmilk Taste Like? | DommiesBlessed

Love The Journey,

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