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5 Famous Animated Braids (+ How To Mimic The Looks)

Famous Animated Braids Featuring Andrea from Lego Friends and Asha from Disney's Wish

From pigtails to microbraids, we describe the unforgettable details behind five famous animated braids.

1. Doc (Doc McStuffins)

Disney Junior on YouTube

Doc McStuffins rocks two adorable pigtails that stick up in the air. She seals her braids with tiny pink elastics that don't seem to weigh down the style. Her purple headband sits a few inches back from her forehead. It sparkles and has an iconic pink flower towards the right. Doc's signature style isn't complete without her two quarter parts -- one in the front and the other in the back.

Mimic The Look:

2. Susie Carmichael (Rugrats)

Nickolodeon & Paramount Plus on YouTube

When Susie was first designed, her three braids were held together by red hair ties with red flower barrettes on the end. In 2021, all of the Rugrats characters got a reboot. Now Susie's chunky braids are decorated with gold bobbles. A look that's totally reminiscent of the 90s. The minimalistic style was probably popular, because it's super quick and doesn't require too many hairdressing skills.

Mimic The Look:

3. Barbie "Brooklyn" Roberts (Barbie)

Barbie on YouTube

We are not surprised that this fashionista frequently switches up her look. Barbie is known for her iconic mini-braids. Throughout the episodes you'll notice they are styled a few different ways -- from a top knot, to half-up half-down, and fully out. Barbie even had an episode with multi-colored extensions. Although she recently swapped out her braids for a wavy sew-in, we noticed Barbie often finishes all of her looks with slicked down edges.

Mimic The Look:

4. Asha (Wish)

Walt Disney Animation Studios on YouTube

The character designers at Disney did a fabulous job making simple braids look absolutely gorgeous!!

Asha's style starts with a side part. She has seven cornrows braided straight back on the left, stopping around the top of her ears. The rest of her hair is medium-to-small sized box braids that swoop to the right and hang around her hips.

Mimic The Look:

5. Andrea (Lego Friends)

LEGO on YouTube

Andrea has dark brown waist-length hair. She's another girl who swears by the side part and hair swooped to the right. Her braids are pretty thick with ends that taper. To keep her long hair out of her face, she forms an overhand knot with two braids. This type of knot replaces a hair tie and is easy to take out.

The same musical note Andrea wears on her shirt, matches the pink musical barrette on her side sweep. There are a few multi-colored beads strategically placed towards the ends which provide an adorable pop of color. As an entertainer, Andrea's constantly singing and dancing. And the animators do such an excellent job with her hair's movement.

Mimic The Look:

Please know we link to products to help with character-inspired looks. Our suggestions are not meant to be be exact replicas, but intended to help you recreate your own version.

That's it for our list! Which braids are you obsessed with? Which look are you going to try?

Until next time...

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