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8 Famous Animated Puffs (+ How To Mimic The Looks)

Kendall from Wellie Wishers and Orange Blossom from Strawberry Shortcake

Animators are getting really good at replicating afro-textured hair digitally. Below is a roundup of some of the most famous animated puffs.

1. Dee (Dee and Friends in Oz)

Netflix Jr on YouTube

We're starting this list with Dee, simply because bubble braids would not be as adorable if it weren't for how puffy they get. Dee has jet black hair and her bubbles are separated with four colorful hair ties. She uses a thick cornrow as a half-braided crown tucked in front. We're super impressed with Dee's textured waves and hair movement.

Mimic The Look:

2. Ada Twist (Ada Twist Scientist)

Netflix on Youtube

We're fascinated with how much energy the digital artists gave to Ada's puffs. The placing of her coils, the attention to her texture, the bounce and depth through shading makes her crown look like a true work of art. Ada's puffs stand high on her head in two round balls that look incredibly soft. We also love that the baby hairs are visible (not laid). And the pleasing pop of color, using smooth yellow bobbles.

Mimic The Look:

3. Esme (Esme & Roy)

Esme & Roy on YouTube

Wide-eyed Esme is super adorable in her sleek brown puff. It's centered on the top of her head with a turquoise hair tie that has yellow bobbles. As a 2D character, the illustrators demonstrated her curls as overlapping squiggles going in different directions.

Mimic The Look:

4. Gabrielle (Nature Explorers! With Elmo, Gabrielle, and Tango)

Sesame Street Workshop

Gabrielle has two dark brown puffs in her animation series with Elmo and Tango. When outdoors she wears a blue visor, while Elmo wears a matching bucket hat.

Mimic The Look:

5. Zooli (Bubble Guppies)

Bubble Guppies on Youtube

Zooli is the cutest little mergirl with curly hair that's purple (her favorite color). She wears it in a high puff using a blue band. The look is completed with a blue sea shell. Zooli has also worn a flower crown, a hat, and hair wreath. No matter the head gear, her signature puff is often front and center.

Mimic The Look:

6. Lunella (Moon Girl)

Disney Channel on YouTube

It's pretty cool to be able to add afro puffs (in comic book style) to our list. Lunella's hair intentionally takes up space and their cloud-like appearance is very unique (like her)! In this version of Moon Girl we noticed that Lunella has two puffs with a curly bang, when she is herself. But when she transforms to Moon Girl -- she has one.

Mimic The Look:

7. Kendall (Wellie Wishers)

American Girl on YouTube

We're obsessed with Kendall's coily puffs. She has two -- and they're separated by a middle part. Her go-to accessory is a pink headband with a bow and flowery print. It sits comfortably behind her short and curly bangs.

Mimic The Look:

8. Orange Blossom (Strawberry Shortcake)

WildBrain Kids on YouTube

Orange Blossom's puffs are as big as her personality. She wears a squiggly part down the middle of her beautiful orange head of hair. She completes the adorable look with a peek-a-boo curl that hangs between her brows.

We're impressed with how the animators celebrate hair culture by making sure her puffs are always in full view. For example, she's worn a headband, a helmet, a pony cap, and even a puff-friendly winter hat with ear flaps. Her head gear always matches her outfit and has the signature orange theme. Even her bonnet was blue with orange slices (her favorite fruit).

Mimic The Look:

We link to products to help with character-inspired looks. Please know our suggestions are not meant to be exact replicas, but intended to help you recreate your own version.

That's it for our list! Which look (or art style) is your fave?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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