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6 Signs Of Our Healthy Hair Growth

For us, healthy hair is a continual process of proper hydration, a gentle detangling process, and minimal styling. Here are six signs of our healthy hair growth.

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1. It Grows Like Crazy

Length shows us that we are properly caring for our hair. In addition to growing longer, it also grows …

2. Thicker

I would assume, our hair also appears thicker because more of our strands are growing together instead of some of them breaking off. This looks like fuller braids, fuller fros, and thicker buns.

3. It's Super Soft

When properly cared for our hair feels super soft. It definitely feels different depending on the style. For example, if pulled back in a bun, it feels slick, smooth in plaits, and fluffy in puffs. The level of softness changes depending on our styles, but overall our hair has been feeling great.

4. It Shines Without Artificial Products

Water and oil continue to be our secret to a natural shine. Of course, gel and other products can provide an artificial sheen, but we notice when the products wear off the hair doesn’t look as vibrant. The healthier our hair gets the more it shines.

5. Healthy Scalp

Hair growth starts from the scalp. A scalp free of dandruff, bumps, flakes and any other issues is always a good sign of healthy hair growth.

6. Hair That Reverts

Our youngest has s-shaped waves. Our oldest daughter has tight bouncy curls and I have kinks and coils. Every time we wash our hair it reverts back to its natural state. Which means our hair is being properly cared for over the week and the styles are not stressful or demanding on our strands.

Why Are We On This Healthy Hair Journey?

Because our hair is a part of us. And the more we know about our crown the better we are able to care for it, cherish it, and honor it.

Are you on a healthy hair journey? What are some healthy characteristics of your hair?

Have you written out your hair goals? Documenting helps me hold myself accountable in any new journey I am on. I hope it's helpful to you too.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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