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3 Ways We Maintain A Healthy Scalp (For Our Girls)

3 Ways We Maintain A Healthy Scalp | DommiesBlessed

Madame CJ Walker once said,

“Do you realize that it is as necessary to cultivate the scalp to grow hair as it is to cultivate the soil to grow a garden?”

And so…here are three ways we maintain healthy scalps.

1. Keep Products Off Scalp

Although I put conditioner or gel in their hair, I make sure it does not touch their scalp.

Only two products go on their scalps - shampoo and oil.

This ensures that their hair follicles can breathe and are not clogged from unnecessary products.

2. Be Sensitive To Their Specific Scalp Needs

Every scalp is different.

Our six year old is tender headed. Which means, certain styles literally hurt her head.

So I wash, part, braid, style and overall handle her hair differently than I do our youngest.

On the other hand, our youngest never complains about pain, but if I braid her hair unintentionally tight -- she develops tiny red bumps that look super painful.

In the end, I’m constantly paying attention to how their scalp reacts to different situations.

3. Loose Styling

I shy away from tight styles because their scalps are so young and their hair is so frail.

Because I’m very loose when I do their hair -- styles usually don’t last too long.

How do you care for your little one’s scalp? Has your family experienced any scalp issues? What products or techniques (if any) do you use to maintain a healthy scalp? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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