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Why Our Girls' Hair Looks Frizzy?

Even though I blog about hair, if you saw our girls’ heads on a daily basis you probably wouldn’t think it was a true passion of mine.

But it is...

While frizz is not my intention,

(on the girls at least)

— it quite often is our reality.

So here are three reasons I allow their hair to get frizzy...

1. Less Stress During Hair Time

My parenting style focuses on less stress for me and our family - which means I don’t try to fight or control our children.

There was a time our girls didn’t mind getting their hair done daily— but it seems to be an annoyance now.

So in order to keep our mother-daughter relationship healthy, I consider their feelings and let them wear the same style for days in a row.

2. Healthy Hair Is More Important

As long as their hair feels soft, I know that it is protected and healthy.

3. Frizz Is Natural

Frizz may not be in style now — but it's what our hair does. It naturally expands and reaches towards the sky. There are ways to minimize frizz, but we tend to just let our hair do its thing.

What about you? What do you think when you see a little girl with frizzy hair? Would you let your children go out the house with a bunch of frizz?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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