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8 Hacks To Ensure Our Braids Last A Full Week

A girl on a swing wearing braids

While braids are the best style for reckless sleepers, they end up looking rough pretty quickly. Especially since our girls refuse to sleep with a night scarf.

So here are eight hacks to ensure our braids last the entire week.

1. Great Preparation

I've noticed how the hair is prepped makes a huge difference in how long styles will last. When the hair is fully cleansed (meaning no left over oil or other product) and conditioned, the braids are neat from the start and will last much longer.

2. Braid Damp Hair

After conditioning their hair, I usually let their strands air dry a little before braiding. Manipulating moist hair is less painful. The water also helps the strands lay down so that the end result is much neater.

3. Oil

I like to set the braids with oil, because it protects the strands during this long-term style. Oil also has a natural shine, so braids look moisturized longer.

4. Comb Out Curl Pattern

Removing as much of the natural curl so that the hair lays straight, helps the braids be as smooth and neat as possible so that they last longer. We use a detangling brush to detangle as we braid. And a fine tooth comb for the ends.

5. Braid Tight

Not tight to the scalp, because this hurts and can cause scalp problems. I mean braiding the strands as close together as possible. Loose braids are wider, while a tight braid is more compact.

6. Braid Neat

The neater the braid, the longer it lasts. Try not to take hair from other sections, just use the sections originally created and braid to end.

7. Put In An Updo

At first the girls may wear their braids out. Midweek when they start to look fuzzy, I love using a hair tie to put the braids in a pony tail or bun. This creates a new style and gets rid of the fuzzy halo.

8. Redo A Few Braids

I actually like day-two fuzz. I don't mind day-three fuzz. But by day-four their hair looks like it hasn't been done for days. And although I want their braids to last for the whole week, I do not want their hair to look like it hasn't been cared for the entire time. So I redo a few braids, typically the ones that frame their face.

How long do your children's braids last? What tricks do you use to make your braids last longer? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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