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3 Ways We Rock Old Fuzzy Braids

2 Ways We Rock old Fuzzy Braids

There are days our daughters’ braids and twists look a little fuzzier than I would like. If I do not have time to redo their hair, these three techniques are ways they are able to rock their fuzzy braids.

1. Wet and Set

The quickest and best solution for getting rid of frizz is to wet the hair. When your child showers you can spray their entire head. Remember to squeeze out the excess water and then cover their hair with a scarf while they get dressed. This lays down any stray hairs making the old braids look new(er).

2. Updos

Whether it’s a braid, bun or ponytail — simply gathering the hair and pulling it out of their face magically makes their hair look neater.

3. Headbands

While I’m not too big on accessories, I will use a headband to lay down the frizz. I'm sure hats, and scarves would work too -- our girls are just into headbands.

How do you rock your old braids?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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