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3 Reasons We Embrace Frizz

It took years for me to realize that frizz serves a purpose.

Here are 3 reasons we embrace ours.

3 Reasons We Embrace Frizz

1. Makes Our Hair Look Fuller

When the girls wear a curly fro, the hair looks fuller and better after the curls have had time to expand and frizz.

2. Protects Our Scalp

In my personal hair journey, I used to shy away from “new growth.” That's when the hair closest to the scalp puffs up.

Now I realize it’s our hair’s way of protecting the scalp from the sun in the summer and the cold in the winter.

3. It's Natural

Frizz is a natural characteristic of our hair. Slicked down baby hair and neatly defined curls are definitely more popular, but I think our hair in its most natural form is beautiful too.

I’m sure there are many more benefits of frizz. What do you love about yours?

Until next time…

Love Thyself,


What We Love About Our Curly Fro

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