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5 Ways Breastfeeding Positively Affected My Health

Pre-children I barely knew how to take care of myself never mind anyone else. Thankfully breastfeeding has helped me pay closer attention to my body’s needs, improving my overall health.

Here’s how...

1. Spiritually Evolved Into A Wombman

While I have the physical attributes of a wombman (menstruation, breasts, my flower), it wasn't until I bore children that I evolved into a real wombman.

In addition to birthing children, being able to nourish them through my own breasts, transformed me in ways I never expected.

As a creator of life and breastfeeding mother, I found a greater purpose which is to protect and strengthen what we produced - these beautiful blessings.

What Does That Have To Do With Your Health As A Breastfeeding Mom?

Having the power to nourish our children straight from our bodies, has forced me to pay attention to my whole being (emotionally, physically, spiritually). I know I can only give them the best — when I am at my best.

2. Better Hydration

Water is also life. That's probably why it makes up most of our children's food - breastmilk.

There was a point where I was so dehydrated from nursing, every time I opened my mouth the sides of my lips cracked. Not only were my lips chapped and dry, but my hair and skin were extremely dehydrated (so I can only imagine what my insides looked like). Every time our daughter nursed, I felt like she was taking my body’s last reserve of water.

Breastfeeding forced me to get in the habit of drinking water as much as possible, especially while nursing.

3. Strengthen This Physical Body

Because I was not consuming enough water while breastfeeding, I noticed my knees and other joints started to feel stiff. My abs and lower back were also weak from long periods of sitting to nurse.

I started running to increase my endurance, strengthen this body of mine and do something on a daily basis that I would be proud of.

Because I breastfeed, I also have a burning desire to be strong in order to continue nourishing and protecting our children.

4. Better Oral Hygiene

My breath started to smell terrible during pregnancy and it continued to worsen while I was nursing. I couldn’t smell it, but our older daughter could — and she would tell me.

The cause? Breastfeeding depleted me - which meant my oral health was declining.

On top of eating better, I began to baby my teeth, tongue and gums, just like I would if another part of my body was sick. And it worked — even my dentist noticed a difference.

5. Better Breast Health

Prior to breastfeeding, I didn’t really pay attention to my breast health. After breastfeeding for six years straight, I am more aware of my breasts’ needs - which include, being free and able to breathe.

Do you feel breastfeeding improved your overall health? What other ways has breastfeeding improved your health? Let us know below.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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