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Pros + Cons Of The Baby Brezza Sterilizer (Explained)

Baby Brezza has developed one of the latest crazes in mom tech. A sterilization system that promises to dry and sterilize items with the click of a button. We're pretty impressed with what this sterilizer can do, but we want to make sure you know the good (and the bad) so that you can make your own decision.

Baby Brezza Sterilizer Review


  • easy to use

  • faster than air-drying

  • uses steam to sterilize

  • can choose to only sterilize and skip drying (if you're in a hurry)

  • uses a HEPA filter for alleged germ-free drying

  • spacious inside

  • holds more items than other brands

  • sleek design

  • 3 layers (including a section for smaller parts)

  • less visible clutter in the kitchen (compared to other drying options)

  • has an automatic shut-off

  • saves a ton of time

  • fast customer service


  • requires a ton of counter space (especially in small kitchens)

  • makes an annoying sound (especially when drying)

  • cycles take too long

  • sometimes bottles are not completely dry

  • may not fit some breast pump parts (especially tall flanges)

  • bottles look foggy and have water marks

  • requires distilled water, bottled water, or fresh running water

  • has a burning smell

  • rusts easily

  • leaves watery mess on counter

  • defective models stop working in less than a year

  • demanding and non-responsive customer service

How Often Do Moms Use A Sterilizer?

3 times (or more) a day, according to some moms. It totally depends on how much equipment you need to sterilize, how often you use those items, and how often those items need to be sterilized.

How Much Water Does The Brezza Sterilizer Need?

5.6 ounces is the max line. Using too much or too little water will impact how the machine works. If you buy a gallon (128 ounces) of distilled/bottled water, it should last 22 uses.

Does The Baby Brezza Get Too Hot To Touch?

Yes! It also steams which can scold small children. Make sure to store the device away from little hands.

How Long Is The Drying Cycle?

There are 3 drying times...

  • 30 min

  • 45 min

  • 60 min

Why Aren't Items Drying?

There are 3 possible solutions to Baby Brezza drying issues...

  • Select a longer drying time.

  • Place less items in sterilizer, and try not to overload the machine.

  • Try to position items in a way that water does not collect in them. For example, completely upside down and not tilted or angled. Baby equipment is often designed with indents (for example, the rim of a baby bottle) where water can get trapped.

Why Does It Leave Water Spots?

Water spots are those cloudy marks that remain after the water has evaporated. They can be unsightly compared to a crystal clear and squeaky clean look.

If your home has hard water, Baby Brezza sells a descaling solution that removes mineral buildup and hopes to extend the life of the Sterilizer. They offer it for customers that don't like the smell of vinegar.

How Often Should You Descale?

Once a month. The sterilizer must be off and the heating plate must be cool and dry. Baby Brezza recommends leaving the solution on for 30 minutes. You'll need half the bottle per use.

How To Clean With Vinegar?

According to Baby Brezza, you can use 20 ounces of a 50/50 water-vinegar solution to clean the metal plate at the bottom of the sterilizer. Leave the solution on for 30 minutes, then wipe dry with a clean rag.

You may notice some discoloration after cleaning, but according to Baby Brezza's manual, this is harmless. It's not recommended to use abrasives (harsh rubbing tools) or solvents (other chemical solutions), because they can damage the device.

Why Is The Baby Brezza Sterilizer So Pricey?

The sterilizer is a home appliance. Many moms find the convenience to be well worth the price. Another mom suggests using it beyond the first year to sterilize baby toys.

If you're convinced the Baby Brezza is right for you, it may be best to purchase the sterilizer directly from the Baby Brezza website. They guarantee lower prices, discounts for military, longer warrantees, and more.

If you want to compare the Brezza to another mom fave, you can preview an alternate sterilizer here.

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