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When Breastfeeding Weakens Your Wrists...

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I’m not sure if it’s technically carpal tunnel or tendonitis, but I experience a mild tingling in my hands when I nurse.

How Does Breastfeeding Induce Carpal Tunnel?

Allegedly the constant bending, lifting, carrying and caring for baby, causes strain on a nerve in the hand.

On my journey, this sensation only happens when I’m actually nursing so I don’t believe it’s from how I position my hands, but could be from not properly hydrating my body.

Dehydration also allegedly causes internal swelling.

Nevertheless, this is what has worked for me...

Rest Hands

I prefer nursing while laying down, because it allows me to be hands-free.

Moments when I need to use my hands (like when picking her up, or trying to support my body while I stand up), I’ll force myself to use my strongest hand so that the other one can rest and recover.

Massage Hands

While gentle exercises like making a fist and rotating wrists are recommended, they seem to exacerbate my symptoms. So I prefer to massage my hands with black seed oil.

It has a strong medicinal smell, but it’s anti-inflammatory (amongst other benefits) and works at relaxing my nerves, muscles and joints.

For me, my carpal tunnel is not painful nor does it drastically disrupt my daily life. I experienced it with our other daughter and noticed it went away as she aged. I’m fully aware nursing puts pressure on my entire body, and I just try to find holistic and effective ways to support it.

Have you experienced carpal tunnel or tendonitis while nursing? Which treatments worked for you?

Until next time time...

Love The Journey,

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