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Breastfeeding Etiquette (Newborn Edition)

Etiquette simply means a polite way to behave. Breastfeeding typically involves a mom and her baby (or babies if she is tandem nursing). In this super intimate interaction there are some simple rules to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Similar to table manners, here is our code of conduct while breastfeeding.

1. One Breast At A Time

Thankfully she is not at the age where she is fascinated, exploring and playing with the other breast.

2. Wear Minimal Layers

For some reason, I sweat excessively while breastfeeding. Wearing minimal layers ensures my breasts are not as sticky and sweaty.

3. Ditch The Bras

Being braless ensures quick and easy access for our newborn. It also keeps the breast healthy for a higher quality of milk. If you feel more comfortable with light support, this thin and stretchy bralette is made with a breathable fabric.

4. No Covers

While nursing she loves admiring the sky, staring into my eyes or looking at my breasts.

So I don’t use blankets, aprons or any other products to hide our newborn.

I have used blankets to keep her warm, but I’m usually under the blanket with her. If you see me in public, I guarantee it will make you laugh.

To discretely nurse, I typically use my wrap or shirt to cover my breasts.

5. Use Only Edible Moisturizers

Just imagine chowing down on a delightful meal only to have it interrupted by an annoyingly pungent and unappetizing smell.

So I avoid putting artificial scents and ingredients on my skin so that they don’t interfere with her breastfeeding experience.

This is one of my favorite massage oils because it's antibacterial, absorbs well, and nourishes the skin.

6. Do Not Touch Areola Or Nipples

If I need to help her feed, I hold and massage the upper breast avoiding the area she eats from. The only time I may touch the areola or nipples is when I’m showering.

What manners do you and your little one abide by when breastfeeding?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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