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Our Favorite Nursing Positions (Newborn Edition)

At one month, she doesn’t have a preferred breast, but she does have her favorite nursing positions. And they are...


While sitting or walking, this is the most comfortable position for the both of us. While it’s definitely not needed, the boppy is a breastfeeding pillow that hugs your midsection and slightly lifts the baby to the breast.


This is usually how I feed her when I am sleeping or I am putting her to sleep.

Dangle Feeding

I have dangle fed to calm her in the car seat. But I most often do this in bed. After I’ve fed from one breast, and do not want to switch laying on the other side.


She often goes to sleep in this position. I can also lay in between our 4 and 7 year old in this position without having my back to anyone.

Thigh Prop

This position is perfect for when I’m eating and need to be hands-free. In the end, she loves when our bellies kiss in whichever position we choose.

Our 4 Favorite Nursing Positions (Newborn Edition) | DommiesBlessed

Which breastfeeding positions are most comfortable for you and your little one?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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