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Breastfeeding With 40DDs

As a child I thought 40DDs were massive, but as a breastfeeding mom they are just right.

What’s A Benefit Of Nursing With 40DDs?

You can nurse a standing child and have more flexibility with other positions like the koala, the cradle, and dangle feeding to name a few.

What’s A Common Misperception About Nursing With Bigger Breasts?

That there’s an excessive supply. Even though my cup size is a double-d, my breasts aren’t full and round. They look more deflated (if you ask me). In fact, after a breast exam, my physician doubted I had any milk left. And while I couldn’t express milk, our nursing toddler was adamant there was ample milk inside.

Are 40DDs Heavy?

The only time they are heavy is during engorgement. That’s when the breasts are swollen from built up milk. Not only are they heavy, but they are super sensitive, hard, uncomfortable and may leak. But healthy 40DDs are not heavy (for me). They do not hurt my back, alter my posture or excessively sweat. I can comfortably do jumping jacks braless without it hurting my chest.

How Do You Go Braless With 40DDs?

The freer my lactating body is, the more comfortable I feel. I recently discovered nude-colored bralettes, which are super comfortable and provide a slight lift. Although they are not specifically designed for breastfeeding, I find them to be better than other nursing bras, because they are stretchy and made from a breathable fabric.

As An Online Bra Shopper, Where Did You Get Fitted?

You can do it yourself (with this guide) and a fabric tape measure. Make sure to measure standing, laying down, and bent over for the most accurate size. These are my measurements ...

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Were You Always Big Breasted? Or Did You Grow After Having Children?

Prechildren I was around a 36C. I was also a decade younger and 30lbs lighter. Nursing our children grew my breasts a full two sizes. My nipples also significantly lengthened and the areola widened too.

How Did This Impact Your Wardrobe?

It made me lean towards less restrictive clothing that compliments my shape like dresses, crop tops and shelf-bra camisoles.

I’ve always been gourd-shaped so the lower part of my body is significantly larger than the top part. Meaning I wear a large on top and a 2XL or 14-16 on the bottom.

Have You Ever Smothered Your Children While Nursing?

Breastfed children have amazing reflexes. The few times my breast accidentally covered their nostrils, they would immediately unlatch to take a breath of air. Even at a few weeks old when their head control was still developing, I noticed they were always strong enough to back away from the breast.

After a near-decade of nursing this probably happened five times or less.

This problem is easily avoidable with proper positioning. So when they were young I used a nursing pillow to comfortably prop our littles ones up. And when we slept, I always angled my body in a way that the baby had plenty of breathing room.

While I have heard of bigger breasted wombmen accidentally smothering their children, this hasn’t been a major hinderance in my experience.

Breasts allegedly change 7 times in our life time. In my experience, they’ve changed at least 5 times during my child-bearing years. I found nursing on demand definitely kept them healthy and manageable, no matter their size.

Has your cup size drastically increased? How has it impacted your nursing journey? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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