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How Long Does It Take To Take Out Her Braids?

frizzy braids with natural hair pulled back into a bun on a little girl

At least 30 minutes to an hour.

However, taking her hair out isn’t just about taking down the braids. I also detangle the sections as I go. Meaning, after taking out the braid, I have to remove the lint with a fine-tooth comb and brush the hair with our detangling brush. This is a super important part of our braid-take-out process, because it makes it easier and less painful to wash her hair.

It also ensures that we remove any shed hair before washing so that we do not clog the tub/sink/shower drain.

The entire process (without interruptions) takes about 2 hours.

If I take out the braids first, then detangling her entire head would take even longer. It’s best to care for her hair in sections. So I detangle after each braid.

Why Does It Take 2 Hours?

1. Her hair is super long and reaches her tailbone. 2. While I like to move quickly, it’s also important for me to be gentle with her hair and scalp. 3. She’s also 4 and moves a lot.

If her braids were smaller, it would take longer. If they were bigger, it would be shorter. And so, the size I typically choose tends to take 2 hours. I hope this was helpful. If you are worried about the time it takes to take down your child's braids, here are some tips to speed up the process.

The most important suggestion is to make sure you are both comfortable, entertained and enjoying this bonding experience. And if you noticed some sections of the braid are matted, here are some tips on detangling your hair without damaging it. Until next time... Love The Journey,

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