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5 Tips For Washing Hair With Braids

If you keep your little one's braids in for more than a week or two, you may want to wash their hair (with the braids still in). Here's how we do it ...

Little girl with braids

1. You Only Need A Little Product

Using a teeny amount of cleanser is really all you need (especially for braids). Try to avoid putting soap directly on their scalp, instead lather a small amount in your hands and rub before putting it in their hair. This way you can avoid getting soap stuck in the stitching of their braids.

2. Focus On The Scalp

Healthy scalps equal healthy hair growth. So when washing her hair, I massage and make sure that her scalp is thoroughly cleansed. I do not scrub hard. A gentle rub is perfectly fine.

3. Let The Suds Run Down The Braids

We use a bar soap, because it tends to be gentler than liquid. When it lathers, I let the suds run over the braids so that they can collect any dirt as they fall.

4. Thoroughly Rinse

You'll want to make sure to rinse all of the suds out. Leaving soap in the hair can dry it out too. Rinsing the hair two or three times can help. When you think you're done, you can also squeeze the braids and see if any suds appear.

5. Remove Lint

When she's out of the tub, I undo the braids. They sometimes will have a ring of dirt at the start.

Using a clean fine-tooth comb I gently remove the lint. The close teeth do the best job at getting the gunk out. It doesn’t hurt because the hair is pretty detangled from being kept in braids.

How Do You Know The Hair Is Clean When You Wash It With The Braids In?

Before the hair can look dull. After washing the hair looks more vibrant, moisturized and refreshed. Plus it smells and feels clean too.

How Do You Dry The Braids?

I let her braids air-dry. Some people prefer to blow-dry the hair before braiding, because it lengthens the braid. Meaning the braids appear longer.

Why Do You Need To Wash Braids?

You may wash braids after your child swims in chlorinated water, after a beach day when they get sand in their hair, or if they sweat a lot.

What Are The Benefits Of Washing Hair With Braids?

✔︎Save parts

✔︎Shorter wash routine

✔︎Less time spent detangling

✔︎Less stress (for you and your child)

That's it!

Have you washed your little one’s hair while they still have braids? How do you get their hair clean? What techniques do you use to make wash day work for the entire family?

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Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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