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How Long Do Our Braids Last?

Definitely no more than two weeks. By day 3, their braids look like they have been in for a month.

Why Does Their Hair Get So Messy So Fast?

We do not wear sleep protection. Between scarves falling off and them being uncomfortable to sleep in, our girls prefer to sleep with their heads free -- like me.

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Why Not Use Sleep Protection?

Braids are our protection. They naturally protect our hair from chlorinated water, cotton sheets and anything else that may damage it.

So Why Do You Keep Their Hair In Braids If It Looks Frizzy?

I use texture as one of the main indicator of their hair health. As long as the braids are soft, I keep them in even if they are frizzy. They start to lose their softness around day 10.

Another reason is because our girls truly dislike getting their hair done. No matter how gentle I try to be, I sometimes snag a strand -- which really hurts. They also do not like sitting for 1-2 hours, the time it takes me to braid their entire head. So they prefer I stay out of their heads for as long as possible.

What about you? How long do braids last in your house? What techniques do you use to make their styles last longer?

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