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I Left Her Braids In For A Month & Here’s What Happened...

Our 7 year old had a definite frizz halo. Meaning the hair was so fuzzy, her parts weren’t visible.

Despite how it looked, her hair was very very soft (which for me is a sign of health).

There was no visible lint, but when I took out the plaits, there was the typical ring of dirt at the base of the braid.

It was sticky (probably due to me using shea butter when I installed the braids).

Our daughter used her iPad while I used a fine tooth comb to gently remove the lint from each unraveled plait.

I Left Her Braids In For A Month & Here’s What Happened...

The braids didn’t smell bad (i.e. like sweat), actually they didn’t smell like anything. I think this is because our daughter washed her scalp a few times while the braids were in.

How About Your Younger Daughter?

Our 4 year old did not make it past week two.

Her scalp developed little red bumps, which I took to mean her head needed a break. I took her braids out and left her hair loose for a few days.

These bumps could be from me braiding too tight, or from how I cared for her scalp while the braids were in.

I washed her scalp twice and applied oil. Nevertheless, her scalp still developed a slight irritation. It didn’t bother her, but I noticed it and immediately took out the braids before her scalp got too bad.

Will You Leave Their Braids In For A Month Again?

Absolutely! Long term hairstyles makes us all happy. Our 7 year old especially does not like getting her hair done. And I love any style that protects their hair and keeps it healthy.

Have you ever left braids in for a month? What were the results?

If your little one rocks frizzy braids -- know you're not alone.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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