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Sun-Dyed Tips (The Natural Way)

Here’s how we get beautiful Sunlit curls. But first…

What Is Sun-Dyed Hair?

When the Sun naturally illuminates the hair.

How Do You Sun-Dye Your Hair?

Leave your ends out and minimize trims.

How Long Does It Take To Get Naturally Lightened Tips?

Just like most natural things, Sun-dying takes time (weeks or months to be exact).

If you live in a cold climate with limited year-round Sun (like us), it can take longer. This picture took about 2 years.

Sun lightened tips on a little girl’s curly hair | DommiesBlessed

For reference, our city gets about 200 sunny days a year. During those warm months we wear our hair free and uncovered.

We also have dark hair, which may contribute to the time it takes to lighten.

Some suggest salt water at the beach and lemon juice sprays may help accelerate the process.

What’s The Main Difference Between Sun-Dyed & Chemically-Dyed Hair?

If you buy a chemical dye, you can change the color of your hair within one to two hours. And it can be more noticeable than gradually processing your hair with Sunlight.

I’ve purchased boxed kits for myself (lighter and darker) and noticed the hair tends to be more fragile, has a distinct smell and feel, and requires more maintenance to keep it healthy. You may also need gentler products to really baby the newly treated hair.

It can also be messy. Even after completing the dying process you can unintentionally dye your clothes, pillows and bathroom.

Maybe the results are different when done professionally.

Are Hennas & Natural Dyes Good Alternatives?

Sun-dying changes your hair to an unpredictable color. If you’re looking to cover grays or just want to experiment with different colors, hennas or nourishing color kits may be a better solution.

What Are The Benefits Of Sunlit Hair?

You are allowing the hair to naturally absorb the Sun’s excellence. As the main source of life on this planet, the Sun naturally breathes divine energy into your strands.

Divine energy is strength that can only come from above.

Physically, this process creates a gorgeous ombré effect that highlights your strands' natural undertones. An ombré is when the hair gradually lightens from a dark color to a lighter color. These can be brassy reds, golden blondes, or earthy browns.

This process also ensures the hair stays strong during its slow transition.

How Do You Prevent The Hair From Drying Out?

By keeping your ends moisturized and clumped. This way they do not dry out in the process. You can do this by finger coiling them with a rat tail comb, braiding, twisting, loc’ing the hair or wearing a well nourished wash-n-go.

Buns and styles that hide your ends may not reap the best results because the hair needs to Sun bathe over a significant period of time.

Who Is Sun-Dying Good For?

Sun-dyed hair is perfect for kids who love to wear their hair out. Plus it looks super cute and shines light on their natural beauty!

What color does the Sun bring out in your hair? How often do you let your curls soak up the Sun?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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