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6 Tips For Natural Sun Protection

I love summer! It’s the best time for the body’s largest organ (skin) to soak up the sun. So powerful and bright, the sun lifts our mood, enriches our skin, provides vitamin D and allegedly strengthens our immune system. However, too much sun is allegedly harmful, so these are the steps we take to stay safe.

1. Shea Butter

I butter the girls before we leave the house. Once absorbed, shea butter creates a natural barrier while still allowing our skin to soak up the sun’s benefits.

2. Avoid Hottest Time of Day

Noon is when the sun is at its highest point. Because it is so hot, we typically enjoy the sun before or after this time passes.

3. Stay Wet

I make sure our skin (especially our face and shoulders) stays wet while we play. It’s easier to do this at the beach, pool or sprinklers. I just scoop water and constantly pour it over our bodies. It’s cooling and keeps the sun from burning our skin. Sometimes, I will bring a spray bottle to mist us throughout the day.

4. Drink Lots Of Water

We drink a lot of water to keep our bodies cool and hydrated from the inside out. It’s easier to burn or damage something that is already dry.

5. Trees

Trees naturally provide shade and their leaves move the cool breeze. If it’s going to be a hot day, I prefer to go to a shaded area (i.e. a playground with trees).

6. Light Clothing

Especially if the girls are laying still in the sun (for example napping in the car or stroller), I use light blankets, visors or hats to protect their brown skin.

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