Why I Stopped Putting Beads In Our Daughters' Hair?

I love the way beads sound and look on little girls, but I stopped using them for the following reasons...

1. They're Too Heavy

They weighed down our daughters' hair. I tried making the braids thicker, but they were too thick to get through the bead hole.

So I tried using fewer beads (like four per braid), but that looked weird.

2. They Took Too Long

The process of parting, detangling and braiding takes too long for the girls. Beading extended that time, so I chose to take that step out.

3. Too Rough On The Ends

I secure the beads with rubber bands and while there are ways to minimize breakage from rubber bands, I just prefer to not have that problem.

Can You Use Something Other Than Rubber Bands To Hold The Beads?

I tried plastic bands, which are essentially a cheaper version of rubber bands made from a different material. While they didn't get tangled in their hair, they popped randomly, which meant their beads fell out quite often.

Growing up my mom sometimes used aluminum foil, which has its own set of problems.

Have You Tried Wood, Cuffs, Shells And Other Accessories?

Yes. But the process of braiding takes long enough. The girls and I are perfectly fine without the extra step of accessorizing. Plus, their crowns look beautiful simply styled.

I love these black bands, they are stretchy, simple and can be used in any style. Here are bantu knots...

Here's a bun...

These are chunky twists ...

And of course beadless braids ...

I feel beads are perfect for certain textures. Ours isn’t one of them.

Have you found beads to be too harsh for your little one’s hair? What problems are you having? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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