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12 Bead Pattern Ideas (For Braids)

When I ask the girls what color beads they want, they always respond “rainbow.” Using one box of beads, we came up with different patterns in order to keep their braids looking different every time. Below are some examples...

1. Random Theme

The random look can turn out super cute. Simply pick any color -- the only consistency is the number of beads on each braid.

random bead pattern for braids

2. Primary Color

In this pattern, use one primary color. This picture shows primarily light wood beads, and a cream one on the end.

wood bead pattern for braids

3. Metallic Beads

In this metallic design, we used all metallic beads on one braid, and then all pink beads on another. You can alternate to get a really beautiful blend of shine and texture.

metallic bead pattern for braids

4. Letter Beads

For this pattern, we chose to alternate one color with a letter bead. You can try this with a clear bead, yellow bead, jumbo bead, or whichever bead best matches your future outfits.

letter bead pattern for braids

5. Top Heavy

In this pattern, the top layer has more beads than the bottom. This pattern involves a 3-1-2 color combination, with 3 yellow, 1 white and 2 pink. You can do other number combinations, like 3-2-1, 1-2-3, and 2-1-2-1.

colorful bead pattern for braids

6. Patterns With Shapes

In this scheme you can play around with shapes. We chose stars, hearts and a round bead. Try mimicking this pattern, but have all the shapes in the same color.

bead shapes

7. Rainbow Beads (with Black)

This pattern is another random theme, but instead of including white beads, it has black.

random bead pattern for braids

8. Mixed Materials

In this pattern we mixed wood and acrylic beads. It gives an "earth meets modern" vibe.

heart and wood beads on same braid

9. Black Beads With A Hint Of Color

This pattern involves mostly black beads with a hint of color on the ends.

black beads with a pop of pink, green, and purple beads

10. Solid Color

Using just one bead throughout the head looks absolutely gorgeous! You can go for all jumbo beads, clear beads, or whichever theme is inspiring you that day.

light wood beads

11. Even Spacers

This pattern has two evenly spaced white beads, with two specific colored spacers. You can play around with the spacers and the colors you choose to stack.

white beads with a touch of pink and orange

12. Random Spacers

This pattern is a play on the pattern above. But instead of having a consistent color for the spacers, you can choose three or two colors to switch up.

white beads with a touch of green, purple and black

13. Start-to-Finish

This is another random pattern, but the first and last bead color are the same. In this example they are pink.

Random bead colors that start and end with pink

14. 411

This final pattern is all about colors and numbers. In this design we used 4-1-1. This means, 4 yellow, 1, pink, and 1 orange. Continuing to play around with the colors and numbers you use can great some cute, but unexpected designs.

Mostly yellow beads that end with one pink and one orange bead

That's it for our list. What are your favorite bead patterns?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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