My Best Hair Care Tips For Babies Under One

Our baby recently turned one. If you want to check out her hair in photos month-to-month, feel free to do so here. In this post, I will summarize our best tips from her first year that may help you on your journey.

1. Always Care For Their Crown

Even if your little one has no hair, a little hair, or a head full of curls, it’s essential to pay attention to their crown. If it’s moisturizing their scalp or massaging their hair follicles, study their crown, get to know their crown, and tenderly care for it.

2. Be Mindful Of Their Soft Spot

Babies allegedly have two soft spots. One close to their forehead and one close to the nape of their neck. Our baby’s closed around one year old, so definitely take your time with this delicate area. Keeping their head covered when going out. And using a soft baby brush and baby wash cloths when washing.

3. Less Is Best

Babies are really new to this world and haven’t been exposed to the toxins, fragrances, or other pollutants that we may expose our bodies to on a regular basis. I believe it’s best to keep it that way for as long as possible. So I leave her hair naturally the way it is. No bows or heavy products.

4. Use Family-Friendly Products

Even as an adult I use gentle fragrance-free products.

My older daughter and I tried so many natural products at the beginning of our journey and suffered some serious allergic reactions. Just because products are natural, doesn’t mean your system won’t view them as intruders. After maintaining four heads for some time now, I’ve learned to keep it simple.

Therefore, I stick to what works for us and largely stay away from trying those beautifully convincing products marketed specifically for babies.

Natural oils like coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil all support natural hair growth, nourish the scalp, soften and condition the hair as well as many other added benefits for your baby’s developing crown.

5. Use Multi-Use Products

I’m also obsessed with multi-use products that the whole family can use. For example, the coconut oil I used for her scalp is the same oil I use on her body and the same oil I use to cook (all in separate bottles of course).

Our bar soap (which is less harsh than liquid) is also our shampoo. And our conditioner, is also our leave-in hair moisturizer.

I didn’t start using product until she was close to 12 months. However our baby also had very very short hair (so you may need to use more depending on your baby’s hair texture, thickness, and length).

6. Soft Hair Equals Healthy Hair

I use her hair’s softness as an indicator of when to use product. When her hair started to feel dry, brittle and matteable, I knew I had to coat and style her curls in protective styles. So I used a pea-size amount (half a pump) of our natural conditioner.

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7. Simple Styling

Even with product, I noticed her curls really needed a protective style. In my experience, curls are stronger together, which means they are better able to retain hydration. So I secured her strands with elastics and finger coiled the loose hair.

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If your child is anything like mine, and purposely moves around when you’re trying to do their hair — do it while they sleep. The game of negotiating with your child to do their hair may continue for many years.

8. Avoid Lint Collectors

The closer she got to one the more lint her hair collected. Too much oil or hair product can be the culprit and a reminder that less is best.

9. Minimal-Accessories

Even though we have all girls, I’ve strayed away from accessories. Yes, this means our children are often mistaken as boys, but I do not mind. I just prefer their heads to be as free as possible

10. Ditch The Baby Gear

Having to maintain a bunch of gear while keeping up with different reactions to baby products takes away from what the first year should really be about - sleeping, eating, and getting to know your new self and your baby.

In the beginning, I bathed her in our bathroom sink (no baby tub needed). As she grew she transitioned to the family tub and now she enjoys bathing in our kitchen sink. I also primarily used water, bar soap and olive oil for her virgin strands.

The only “baby products” I used were baby wash cloths (because they are super soft), baby hooded towels (to keep her wet head warm), and a baby brush (totally optional). These were all gifts that you can get from a loved-one or add to your registry.

11. Take Advantage of Bath Time

Baby’s first year can be overwhelming, especially if you have other children and are simply trying to adjust to your life as a new mom. If you need a break, bath time isn’t just for hair time. It’s also a great go-to activity for their first year.

I let the water trickle and she would play with the water stream for minutes on end. She had fun and I got a break.

What tips would you add? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time…

Love The Journey,