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Newborn Curls vs. Toddler Curls: What’s The Difference?

side-by-side of newborn and toddler with curly hair

As newborns grow into toddlers, their curls change. We outline the main differences between the two below.

chart of difference between newborn vs toddler curls

How To Wash Newborn Curls vs Toddler Curls?

A light wash with a gentle cleanser should be sufficient. Harsh soaps may break down the vernix, which is the nutrient-rich biofilm your baby was born with. It has so many amazing benefits and will naturally absorb into your baby's curls over time.

Toddler curls may require a more thorough wash. A toddler is generally a baby who is learning to walk and/or is walking. This period ranges from 6 months and up. This new mobility means that your child’s curls may be collecting items in their hair, such as food, lint, sand, and dirt. Consequently, their wash routine may require more suds and a natural conditioner to help detangle.

How To Moisturize Newborn Curls vs Toddler Curls?

Newborn curls get enough moisture from warm water and sealing with a light oil. This simple regimen should freshen and restore your little one's curls.

Many parents tend to get concerned that their toddler’s hair is dry because it looks frizzy and very different from the newborn curls. Please know that your child’s hair is simply transitioning. Frizz serves to protect your little one’s scalp and shouldn’t be an indication that you need to apply a product to tame it.

How to Style Newborn Curls vs Toddler Curls?

Newborn curls are perfect just the way they are. A gentle massage with your hands and light brush is all you need. If you’re obsessed with the latest accessories, you can always decorate their crowns with cute hats, bows, and the occasional loose headband.

Toddler curls also look the best when they are free (in my personal opinion). But it’s totally fine to experiment with different styles. Just know that your child may start to move when doing their hair.

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