Book Series Our Five Year Old Homeschooler Loves

After FOUR hours of trying to get these girls to bed, I can’t help but be grateful for chapter books. We like the ones that have plenty of pictures and enough pages to get these girls to doze. Here are five of our favorite series.


This graphic novel isn’t about any ordinary princess. She comes from an overprotective father and out of all of her siblings, she is the bravest and most determined to confront some -isms. A must read for every young reader.

Max Axiom Scientist

I wish this series was around during my childhood. This is another graphic novel that makes reading about the sciences easier to digest. Written by an array of authors, this series covers topics from space exploration to the food chain.

Sofia Martinez

We enjoy following this large latin family (with parents, siblings, cousins, and elders), on their adventures. The reflection questions at the end have sparked some good dialogue with our young reader.

Sugar Plum Ballerinas

Written by Whoopi Goldberg, we have yet to read these, because they are long chapter books with very few pictures. Nevertheless, our five year-old carries them around - so I can only imagine she wants me to read them in the near future.

Jaiden Toussaint

Referred by a friend, we recently discovered Marti Dumas, a mom, teacher and writer. She describes Jaiden Touissant as a "little kid with a giant afro and an even bigger brain."

Little leaders: Bold Women in Black History

Released this month, I'm so grateful we purchased a copy of Vashti Harrison’s children's book. This series of womyn's stories serves as an introduction to some the most influential figures in our history.

Click the book covers above if you want to add these gems to your home library. For more inspirations check out The Sweet Pea Girls, Here Wee Read, the local library or local book stores.

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Happy Reading!

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