4 Ways Our Homeschoolers Prepare For Chlorine

Inspired by Naptural85, natural hair guru , who has a beautiful mane.

Chlorine fries our hair and dries our skin so bad I can literally write my name in ash. These are the visible effects of chlorine, I can't imagine what this harsh chemical can do if absorbed into our babies’ bodies. Pools allegedly use safe levels to keep the water clean, yet this toxic chemical still wreaks havoc on our skin and hair. I made a few mistakes the first time we went swimming in an outdoor pool. Now that we go more frequently, here are some adjustments we made to prepare for chlorinated waters.

1. Shea Butter or Vaseline

A little bit of Butter or Vaseline creates a protective barrier on the skin. They don't wash off easily and hopefully makes it difficult for chlorine to get in.

2. Protective Hair Style

Braids are the best protective style for the pool, simply because our strands are stronger together. I made the mistake of leaving our daughter's hair loose — thankfully it didn't knot up or dry too badly. We now wear buns to the pool. I still rinse immediately after and wash their delicate coils during their nightly bath.

3. Shower Before

Take a dry sponge and drop it in water. It is more likely to soak up surrounding liquids than a wet sponge. Therefore its super important we are wet (not bone dry) before entering a pool. Most pools recommend a shower before. I thought the goal was to wash off any loose dirt. But it also helps us avoid absorbing too much chlorinated water into our skin and hair.

4. Shower After

After being submerged in chlorine for 30 minutes, our skin is bound to have some of the harmful chemical on it. I started bringing soap to wash our bodies as soon as we get out.

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