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Baby Swim Lessons in (and near) Boston

AI. generated infant happily treading in pool water


Age (months)


Price (per class)

Dothouse Pool (Dorchester)

10 - 36

  • heated pool

  • evening classes

  • 6:1 class ratio

$13 (per 30 minute class or $40 per 4-week session, $35 for pool members)

Goldfish (Brookline, Needham, Norwood, Braintree)

4 - 35

  • heated pool

  • make-up classes

  • year-round lessons

  • 6:1 class ratio

$35 - $47 (per 30 minute class)

YMCA (Roxbury, Dorchester, East Boston, Chinatown, Brighton, Hyde Park, West Roxbury)

6 - 36

  • prices change per location and season

  • 12 seats per class

$22 - $45 (non-member per 30 minute class)

Kroc Center (Dorchester)

0 - 35

  • weekend classes

$11 (member) - $22 (non-member per 45 minute class, but lessons are charged per 8-class session. So total is $85 (members and $100 non-members)

Aquatots (Norwood)

4 - 30

  • sibling discounts

  • year-round lessons

  • requires double diapers (disposable and reusable diaper)

  • 4:1 class ratio

$30 - $112.50 (per 30 minute class + annual registration fee) Classes are billed on monthly basis, for example, group lessons 3 days a week are $385 a month for one child.

6 - 36

  • FREE weekend classes

  • fills fast


British Swim School (South End, Back Bay, Brookline)

3 - 36

  • requires double diapers (disposable and reusable or 2 disposable diapers) until age 3 even if potty trained

  • 4:1 class ratio

$32.50 - $36.50 (per 30 minute class)

6 - 36

  • midweek and weekend class

$15 - $23 (per 30 minute class, but classes are billed per session)

*Prices can change at anytime, please visit each school's website for the latest information.

When Can Babies Start Swim Lessons?

Most schools start at 6 months, but the British Swim School starts at 3.

Do Parents Need To Get Into The Water?

For parent-child classes -- yes!! Some schools offer classes for ages 2 and up that don't require parent participation.

Who Has The Least Expensive Swim Lessons For Babies In Boston?

Dothouse Pool in Dorchester is the least expensive. And the Leahy Holloran Community Center offers free classes.

What Is The Best Swim School In Boston?

We've heard a lot of excitement about Goldfish (but they are outside of Boston). The Dothouse pool has a very professional director and produces great swimmers! There are so many factors that contribute to something being the best. This includes friendly instructors, fun curriculums, available class times, and more.

What Happens During A Baby Swim Lesson?

  • songs and games

  • blowing bubbles

  • basic arm movements

  • back floats (survival skill)

  • water safety

  • entering and exiting the pool

  • sensory play

Where Can You Find Swim Diapers?

Amazon sells disposable and reusable swim diapers online. Here's our favorite disposable brand, and AlvaBaby is a best-selling reusable brand.

Any Tips For A Postpartum Swimsuit?

We love high waisted tankinis like this one.

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