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Free Family Swim Times (In Boston)

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Family swim is a designated pool time for families. The typical pool schedule is packed with lap swim, swim lessons, and even swim meets. So family swim is a really special time where families can enjoy the entire pool together. It's perfect for ...

  • families looking to hone their swimming skills

  • families looking for a fun sport/activity to do together

  • families with little ones who are just getting used to water

  • families with kids who aren't interested in formal swim lessons

  • kids who love water play

Below are indoor pools with designated family swim times. Please know the following are current family swim times. BCYF (Boston Centers for Youth and Families) regularly adds times to their schedule, which you can check out here.

Curtis Hall Pool (Jamaica Plain)

Fridays | 5:15pm - 6:30pm

Flaherty Pool (Roslindale)

Tuesday to Friday | 6:15pm - 7:15pm

Mason Pool (Roxbury)

Tuesdays and Fridays | 7:30pm - 8:25pm

Paris Street Pool (East Boston)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday | 6:00pm - 6:30pm

Are Family Swim Times Crowded?

No. We're not sure if family swim is under promoted or if certain locations don't get much traffic. Often times one family can have the entire pool to themselves.

If you like this list, you'll probably love our calendar. It features free (and close to free) things to do in Boston. And if you're interested in free lessons, we list some here.

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