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Choosing The Perfect Size Plaits

Size does matter! Here is why we use small, medium or large plaits depending on the occasion.

Choosing The Perfect Size Plaits

Small Plaits (more than 10 braids)

We use small plaits anytime they do not want their hair touched for days or weeks.

Some examples include during our vacations, sleepovers, or summer when we prefer to be outside and do not want to worry about washing, detangling and braiding our hair.

Small plaits can take 2 hours for me to install and an hour to take out, but this process is worth the number of weeks they last.

The smaller the braid, the longer they last. I recommend not making the braids too tiny, so that it doesn’t cause knots or breakage when taken out.

Time to install: 2 hours or more

# of braids: more than 10

# of days they last: 14-30 days

Medium Plaits (5 - 10 braids)

Medium-sized braids are perfect for giving the scalp a break. I find tiny parts can stress the scalp, and making the sections a little bit bigger provides a good break.

Medium-sized plaits are also quicker to install and are a good compromise when the girls do not want to sit for an hour or more.

To make sure they last longer, I redo the front braids every other day.

Time to install: 30 minutes and up

# of braids: 5 to 10

# of days they last: 1 week

Large Plaits (2-4 braids)

I use large plaits to air-dry their hair.

What do you mean?

After washing their hair, instead of blow drying, I’ll part their hair into 2 to 4 sections and plait their hair.

I love it because they can sleep in this style or if I wash their hair in the morning, they can rock their braids outside.

Large plaits do not last longer than a day (for us). They are really only meant to dry the hair.

They probably would last longer if we wore night scarves, but we do not.

Sometimes I do two pig tails as a style, but this is rare because we all prefer plaits that can stay in for several days.

Time to install: less than 10 minutes

# of braids: 2 to 4

# of days they last: 1 day

What about you? Do you use different size braids for different occasions? Or do you have a go-to number of braids you always do in your little one’s hair?

Until next time.

Love The Journey,

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