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7 Reasons We Prefer Plaits Over Cornrows

Cornrows are braids attached to the scalp, while plaits are braids that fall from the scalp. At this age, I prefer to plait the girls' hair. Here's why...

7 Reasons We Prefer Plaits Over Cornrows | DommiesBlessed

1. Ring Of Lint

When I take down their plaits there is a ring of lint and debri that gets trapped at the beginning. I'm assuming from sleeping and just being out in the elements. It's evidence that plaits really are a protective style - because they keep dirt from reaching the rest of their strands.

2. More Comfortable

I love me some cornows, I'm wearing them now. But I get less complaints from the girls with plaits. There is less tugging, pulling and detangling throughout the process. With a tender head, I try to do styles that are comfortable so that she is able to relax during our hair care routine.

3. Healthier Scalp

Our youngest doesn't complain about pain, but I notice that plaits are definitely gentler on her scalp. While I try to not braid too tight, she still sometimes get raised bumps on her scalp when I cornrow her hair.

4. Easier Up Keep

I want styles to last a few days. With plaits, I can easily redo a few front braids which extends the style and makes her hair look neater. With cornrows I haven't figured out how to refresh them without taking them all out.

5. Easier To Style

Since plaits are free (not attached to the head) there are more styles to try. I can still create designs and style cornrows, there is just less flexibility when the braids are attached to the head.

6. Simple Style

I find it easier to section hair and plait it. With cornrows, I am parting, making sure all the sections are even so that all the braids are the same size. I am also making sure each cornrow fits into the overall design. I find plaits take less planning and creativity, making them an easy and simple style.

7. Fuller Look

With plaits, it's quicker and easier to create more braids. And more plaits creates a fuller hairstyle especially for thin hair.

Which is your go-to? Cornrows or plaits?

Until next time.

Love The Journey,

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