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3 Easy Protective Styles for Non-Braiders

Although I love their curls, I largely rely on protective styles to minimize breakage and keep their ends tucked away. Yes, I know how to braid, plait, cornrow — but sometimes our girls prefer quick styles and so do I.

So, if you don’t know how to braid or simply prefer not to - here are three quick and easy protective styles to try.

1. Bantu Knots

bantu knots on little african american girls with curly hair

Photo: Senen More

This sleek and super cute style is pretty quick and still protects the girl’s ends. I also love that it doesn’t require bands, pins or any accessories except for our God-given strands wrapped around each other. I do use rubber bands to secure the hair in place - but it is not necessary. After a day in Bantu knots, the hair is stretched and super easy to detangle.

2. Finger Coils

little girl riding on a fake cow with four ponytails

Finger coils are another style that involve twisting the hair around itself. While the hair is not stacked - like it is in a Bantu knot — I still consider finger coils a protective style, because the ends are clumped together and protected. I sometimes style finger coils on loose hair or you can finger coil pony tails like shown above.

3. Buns

6 year old wearing a top knot

Low bun, top knot, double buns, side bun — there are so many different ways to wear this classic style. Don’t be fooled, buns can take just as long as other hair styles, because you have to thoroughly detangle a full head of hair in order to get it all into one hair piece.

All in all, we keep it simple. Heck, we sometimes do the same hairstyle for a month at a time. It gives the girls their signature look.

What are your favorite styles that don’t require braiding?

Until next time…

Love The Journey,

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