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Our 9 Month Old's Hair Care Routine

Bathing with her sisters is starting to get out of hand. Here’s our 9 month old’s hair routine.

Bath Time

Having three girls with three heads of hair means bathing them all together makes this process so much easier.

The older girls would not bathe if I did not do it for them, so asking them to join their baby sister, makes it a little more fun.

The baby’s hair is definitely the easiest.

This month, I’ve continued to just wet her hair without soap.


Olive oil continues to be our go-to styler. I rub a dime amount in my hands and smooth it over her 1 inch strands to keep them soft.

Her Texture

She has two noticeable textures and it’s getting kinkier and softer. The front of her hair is often straight(ish) while the back is in tight curls or loose frizz.

Dry Scalp

Her scalp is clearing up using the olive oil.

Family Input

Our 5 year old critiques me for not doing her hair. My husband is concerned she may have a scalp disorder because she has so little hair.

And me - I’m proud of her crown and still think she is the cutest baby.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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